Charlie the Unicorn

[youtube=] So I have never been a fan of Charlie and the Unicorn. I saw the video when I was in grade 12 (the kids I was baby sitting absoluetely loved it). I think the cheap voices and terry drawings make the cartoon sub-par. I was more shocked however when I saw this: [youtube=] Yes, it is not a lie. They made a second one. Sometimes, things are good because they are so cheap. This cartoon is not one of them. I guess, however, if you can get 12 million views and a sequel video, then you can do whatever you want. Which is exactly what they did: [youtube=] No, you are not mistaken, that is Charlie the Unicorn 3. My only hope is that the videos does not follow suit with the amount of sequels that Lethal Weapon made. The power of this mass-communicative device is also its downfall, (almost) anything can get on.