I recently came across a new website had never seen before, . The premise of the website is pretty simple, everyday, normal people write stories explaining bad things that are going on in their life and share them with the rest of the world. Here are a few stories from the website asĀ  example: Today, I got back from a 6 month deployment overseas. My girlfriend of 3 years couldn't pick me up from the airport because she had an intramural softball game to go to. FML Today, I was arrested because my 6 year old son called the police saying that I was hitting my wife and that she was crying. My wife and I were having sex. FML Today, we got our yearbooks for school. I opened to my profile to see that they misspelled my first name which is James. They wrote Lames. FML Everyday new stories are posted to be read by the entire world. For some people, writing their problems, I'm sure, it is theraputic. One question I had while reading, however, was the legitimacy of the stories. Because the stories can be written by anybody, could they in fact be fabricated? Either way, the stories are extremely enjoyable and when I'm having a bad day, it definitely cheers me up to read that website!!